Manu Beker’s Newest EP Tell It Like It Is Will Blow You Away


Manu Beker is an independent singer-songwriter from Mexico City and is currently living in Los Angeles where he attends CalArts’ music department. Beker started playing guitar in his early teens and looking to improve his musicianship he expanded to piano and vocals. For a 21-year-old Beker has accomplished quite a few milestones such as releasing three EPs (one of them with his project Sol-Setter), collaborating with Grammy-winning artists and producers, as well as composing scores for television and film.

Beker’s music comes out as a crossover of different genres borrowing elements from jazz, soul, and pop while maintaining some of the energy found in rock music. He released his latest EP, Tell It Like It Really Is in 2018. Though the EP only includes three songs they are more than enough to captivate the listeners, but few enough to keep them wanting more. The EP starts out with “Weight Off My Heart” a track about toxic emotions and the desire of staying in bed instead of confronting one’s emotions. Next, we come across “Tell It Like It Is” a song that will make you sway from side to side. “Tell It Like It Is” starts with Beker crooning and then builds up with drum rolls in the chorus. The last song is “Sin Titulo, Para Ti” (Without A Title, For You) this song is special for Beker as it is the first one he wrote in Spanish, a language he finds hard to write in even though it is his native tongue. This is a beautiful song about an unrequited long-distance love in which he worries about coming off annoying to the person he wrote the song for. Tell It Like It Is captivates the essence of Manu Beker and the fact that it was recorded as a live session with his full band it makes it sound raw and intimate.

You can listen to Manu Beker on all streaming platforms. If you check out his SoundCloud page you will come across some gems such as amazing covers of Sufjan Stevens and Arctic Monkeys, song demos and other musical ideas. You can also catch Beker performing shows in the Los Angeles area and Mexico City.

Coverage by Jorge Sierra

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